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The progressive hair removal by pulsed light

The concept

The progressive hair removal by pulsed light s a technique accessible to all. This highly specific technology is patented today approved and has already proven itself. In the long term , this solution is one of the most reliable whatever matter body part. It’s a long-term hair removal. In addition to this , it is also relatively comfortable ( for pain) and fast enough ( duration of sessions).

The progressive hair removal consist to burn the hairs thanks to device who emit light (heat source ) . This heat is absorbed and then burn the hair at the root. Then the hair is naturally expelled by the skin.

How does it work ?

As indicated above , the device thus emits light . This light also generates heat which is captured by the melanin in the hair ( colored pigment ) to be delivered to the hair bulb ( root ).

With this heat the bulb of the hair and hair follicles responsible for hair regrowth are destroyed.

L’épilation progressive par lumière pulsée relooking beauté minceur Braine

The sessions

Servicing is carried out first to make sure no against indication of this kind of activity can not be questioned. Then follows another appointment for the early sessions. During this appointment we ask you to lengthen you and then plated us a gel on the area being treated. This gel is used to reduce pain. Finally, we give you a pair of glasses to make sure that the flashes do not hurt you in the eyes . Finally , we will use a device that sends of light flashes and it is these that will kill the hair.

After crisscrossing the area to be treated, a slight warmth is felt . It is also possible that the treated area tonight a little flushed. But there are no insurmountable and excruciating pain. Finally , it is advisable to rinse the treated area with cool water after the session.

After the session

Within 10 days or two weeks next the session, the ejection of hair will naturally on the treated area . This may seem impressive if it is not notified but it shows that the progressive hair removal session was effective.

Target areas

The progressive hair removal by pulsed light is a technique that can be used to process sensitive areas of the body like the armpits , bikini , arms , legs (or ½ legs ), the lips and chin , back, beard , torso , nose , ears … .

For this, it takes about 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the work to be done ( hair, sensitivity to pain , treatment area , …). ).



The removal of the hair is obtained between 6 and 12 sessions depending on the area to be treated and the type of hairiness. Each session should be separated by a half months minimum depending on the regrowth cycle. From the first session we can see a marked decrease hairiness . Each session burns about 20% of the hair , so it is important to know that many sessions are needed to see the first results.


Regarding treated hair, the depilation will be gradual and will be definitive . It is entirely possible that hair continuous to push after the first , second or third session. This is according to each person according to hormonal pace of each.


kicdedhdadohnald White hair
kicdedhdadohnald Non healthy skin and / or lesion
kicdedhdadohnald Not be under medication (anticoagulants , antibiotics or other photo- sensitizing drugs).
kicdedhdadohnald Matt and tanned skin
kicdedhdadohnald The Pregnancy and lactation constitute a against-indications by principle.
kicdedhdadohnald Diabetics Person

If in doubt , or if you have any questions , not hesitate to let us know at the prior interview.

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